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Double terminated calcite with dolomite and chalcopyrite

Well formed, double terminated, twinned dog tooth calcite with a secondary overgrowth of dolomite crystals. There is a dense population of chalcopyrite on the dogtooth calcite crystals. It has undergone surface oxidation, hence the beautiful rainbow colours.

Calcite represents direction and pathfinding. It is said to help one find one's purpose and to dissipate feelings of disillusionment or lethargy. Chalcopyrite is said to remove mental and energetic blockages and promote the free flow of chi energy. Although the brightly coloured chalcopyrite is natural, this mineral is sometimes artificially treated to get this effect. When it is has been artificially treated in this way, it is sold as peacock ore. Peacock ore is said to bring happiness and help one find the unexpected joys in life and there is no reason why this sample might not help one find those things too!

This sample is from the Sweet Water Mine, Missouri, USA. It was collected as a by-product of lead and zinc mining in the area.

This photograph is of the sample offered for sale.

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