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Who we are

We are the largest dedicated rock, mineral, fossil and crystal retailers in Cambridge and have been trading on Cambridge Market since 2009. 

Our team has a wide range of interests running from zoology, geology, and mineralogy, through to reiki and holistic therapy.  We are always happy to advise and inform on all aspects of our products. 

Our customer base is as diverse as our products and interests; and includes mineral and fossil collectors, local artists and jewellers, as well as people seeking to reconnect with their spiritual side. We have a definite soft spot for our younger customers, who are building their first collections.

The current lockdown has encouraged us to move online and share our ecclectic and quirky range with a wider audience. 

Community has always been central to our ethos. Help us build a virtual community on Facebook and Instagram. Tell us about your favourite rock, or share some pictures of your current rock related project .

Ps. Cambridge Market is pretty AWESOME. Check out  the facebook page, learn about its history and meet some of the  112 independant traders who are currently based there.