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Trinitite. New Mexico, USA.

This is a kind of glass which was formed by the Trinity test bomb at 5.29am, 16th Juy, 1945.

The Trinity test bomb marks the start of the atomic era. It is sometimes also given as the start date for the Anthropocene. The Anthropocene is the era in which human impact has had profound effect upon the planet and its processes. It has not been formally ratified. There are several candidates for the start of this era; including the beginning of small scale industrial processing 7,000 years ago. However the most obvious marker for the anthropocene are the distinct changes in atmospheric radiation levels which have occurred since the 1950s. If the anthropocene is marked in this way, Trinitite is the marker material for the anthropocene and was created at the moment in which the era came into being.

Item weight, 1g. This photograph is of the item offered for sale. It comes with an information sheet and a protective case. 

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