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Serpentine is all about the element of Earth. It is particularly complementary to those who are born under Earth signs and connects to elemental Earth magic. It helps build a deep and lasting connection to the planet and our environments.

Although it is easy to see the earth as static, it is anything but. Earth processes are highly dynamic. They just work on a much longer time scale. There is nothing static about the ground we stand on, which may have been covered by oceans many times in its existence and has changed its nature repeatedly over millions of years.

Serpentine represents this idea of change over a long period of time. It helps transformation and movement between life stages and helps prevent rigid thinking or inability to accept or understand change. it encourages the idea of living in the moment and allowing that moment to become part of one, integrated into the next moment as needed. It cleaned and removes old heart ache and helps one let go of old and no longer needed ideals, or hurts.