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Cretaceous fish fish from the Lebanon

Scombroclupea sp.
Age: Cretaceous, Cenomanian (110 - 100 million years ago).
Location: Haqil, Lebanon.

Tiny, but perfect. These little fish were alive and swimming at the same time as dinosaurs stalked the earth.

They come from a famous Lebanese lagerstatten, which has been known for its abundant fish fossils since at least the 4th century AD. These specimens have been cleaned and show signs of small repairs. They have not been artificially coloured.

All fossils come with an information card. The photograph of the single fish is of the item offered for sale, its dimensions are roughly 5x5x1.5cm. The other photograph is there to establish scale and give a good idea of what the item will look like displayed. The fish in this photograph is not the item offered for sale, although it is a similar size and from the same location, the rest of the items in the photograph are also solely for display and are not offered for sale.