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Merlinite (Dendritic Opal). Peru

Just to confuse everyone there are two rocks which are commonly known as Merlinite: one is dendritic opal and the other is dendritic agate. In both cases the black tree like structures are made of a manganese oxide called psilomane.

Now let's get to the meaning.

Merlinite is all about self-discovery. It awakens latent talents and abilities, and helps you identify and honour your existing expertise and skill sets. It encourages you to explore new paths and lines of personal development while utilising the structures and support you already have. It is also a good stone for those who find themselves exploring a new spiritual path or direction, as merlinite encourages you to explore new avenues, while still remaining connected to one's roots.

While this is certainly one of the crystals for a new beginning it is not particularly suitable for adolescents or young people, and is more associated with maturity and middle age. It would be a good gift for someone who is considering a career change or a return to education in later life.

weight, 128g. This photograph is of the item offered for sale