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Honey calcite turitella

Age: Eocene (40 million years ago)
Location: Agadir, Morocco

A great gift for the budding paleontologist in your life. This is an excellent starter fossil. It is a good launch point for home school lessons on geology/biology.

This little fossil is from a type of sea snail. It has been preserved as a steinkern. A steinkern is a natural cast. It formed when the original shell was buried in sediment. The aragonite shell provided a home for micro bacteria. Over a period of time the shell wore away, but the interior sections of the shell filled with calcite which precipitated from the seawater. This has left an impression of the interior of the shell.

This photograph is representative of the sample offered for sale, but you will not receive the one pictured. The item comes with an ID card and basic information sheet about the preservation of fossils.