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Indochinite tektite

Indochinite Tektite.  North Vietnam

This is an astronaut. It was formed on Earth, travelled to space, and came home changed. or something like that, anyway...

Tektites are a natural glass created during a meteorite impact. The approach fused silicates in the ground below into vapour and ejected them into the stratosphere. They condensed as glass droplets and returned to Earth as a secondary shower of shooting stars!

Indochinite tektites are the most abundant tektites. They have a very large strewn field and are found throughout Indochina and in Western Australia. These are little droplets, but it is not unusual to find indochinites which display torsion and look like little dog bones. They formed in a meteorite impact which occurred about 800,000 years ago. There have been several different ideas about the location of the impact. One current theory places it in Laos.

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