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Knightia fish ovals

Knighia sp.
Age: Eocene (48 million years ago)
Location: Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA


One of our most popular starter fossils. These little knightia fish have not been enhanced, or painted and it is possible to see bones and tiny little details (sometimes including scales).

These fish originated in the green river formation, which is located in modern day Utah and Wyoming in the USA.  The Green River Beds are a laggerstatten: a site of exceptional fossil preservation. Famous Laggerstatten include the Burgess Shale, the Rhynnie chert and the Solhoffen Limestone.

The beds within the formation relate to the changing nature of a series of lakes which existed in the Green River Basin during the Eocene. Both the cyclic nature of sedimentation and marker horizons from volcanic ashes, mean that is possible to date material within this formation with some accuracy. It contains a wide range of fossils, including the earliest known bat, as well as numerous fish, insects and leafs. The diversity of fossils, and changes in the flora and fauna found in different horizons within the formation, offer important clues to the changing climate of the Eocene. 

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