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Lapis Lazuli tumbles

Lapis Lazuli is a metamorphic rock. It has been prized for over 9,000 years. It has mostly only ever been mined in Afghanistan. A word for the colour blue in some latin languages actually derives from the rock. The name is Latin and translates loosely as the stone from Lazuward (a very famous Lapis mine). Over time people started associating the intense blue colour with the stone and describing things as being the same colour as the stone from Lazuward.  Over an even longer time this led to the word "Azure" which is a rich blue colour. Language evolves all the time. Cool, right?

Incidentally, the word Lapis is just the Latin word for stone. Lapidary, the art of stone cutting has the same root. However people refer to Lapis Lazuli as "Lapis" all the time and everyone knows what they mean. Language is busy changing again! 

 Average weight, 15g.  All prices are per item. Photographs are representative of the items on offer, but the item you buy may not be the one in the photograph