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Malachite egg

Malachite (The Congo)

Eggs represent birth and rebirth. The shape reminds us of the cycle of life and encourages one to consider and fully appreciate the things that we have gained and honour that which we have lost.

Malachite is said to be highly protective. It wards off ill-intent, envy and malignancy. It brings support and strength during times of change and transition and is particularly good for children, adolescents and those who are moving between life stages.

Malachite is a hydrated copper carbonate. It nearly aways found as botryoidal masses. The word "botryoidal" means bunch of grapes, but minerals which display botryoidal habit actually just look bubbly. People often think these bubbly looking compounds have been melted. In reality, they are formed when chemical rich fluids deposit layers of minerals at relatively low temperatures, over a long period of time. The initial seed of the crystals behave like spheres. The crystals grow as little spheres, until they eventually row into each other. As conditions change, the exact chemistry of the mineral growth changes. This is what leads to the slightly different colours which give the malachite its banded appearance.