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NWA 2828

North West Africa 2828
Location: North West Africa
Found: 2000
Classification:  Enstatite Chondrite, anomalous EL3 melt
(Al Haggounia 001)
Total weight: (it's complicated, see below)
Weight: 6 g

NWA 2828 is a "fossil" meteorite. These are meteorites which fell in the Earth's deep past. By definition they must be pre-quaternary and show evidence of having been incorporated in sedimentary rocks during their formation (although they may since have weathered out). The original material of the meteorite may have remained intact, or (like most fossils) become replaced by secondary processes. NWA 2828 and a number of other paired meteorites have been found incorporated into conglomerates and lacustrine sediments.

This meteorite was originally defined as an aubrite, but later samples did contain chondrites. The highly laminated sample offered for sale here is very similar to the samples used in the original analysis. A number of seemingly different meteorites have been found in this locality and were identified and named separately. These meteorites are all part of the same fall, but have undergone different types of weathering and chemical change during burial and diagenesis.  NWA 2828 is paired with Al Haggounia 001, the largest known enstatite meteorite (theres about 3 tonnes of material).

All meteorites come in a presentation case with an information card. This photograph is of the item which is offered for sale. The total weight including case is 60g.