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Pink Amethyst

Pink Amethyst
Choique Mine, Pehuenches, Neuquen, Argentina

Amethyst represents clarity; in particular mental clarity, forethought and clear vision. It discourages overthinking and stops racing thoughts. Pink amethyst carries the same connotations but emphasises emotional clarity and well being. It is said to help one understand when one is being manipulated or taking on too many emotional burdens. It allows one to take a step back and truly understand all aspects of a relationship or friendship, without being fixed on one's place within it. It discourages over considering emotional situations. It encourages you to understand what the heart really wants and to move within the world with emotional and spiritual truth. 

These little quartz filled nodules grew in a bed of gypsum. They have not been colour treated and they are not rose quartz. Rose quartz usually doesn't form crystals and the colouration comes from small thread like inclusions of manganese, which these samples don't contain. The colouration in these little beauties is likely to come from inclusions of hematite. The colour may also be due to some replacement of the silicon ions in the silicon tetrahedra with Fe3+ ions. When naturally exposed to gamma radiation this produces purple colour centres and is what gives amethyst its famous colouring. Since pink amethyst is not purple and has not been naturally irradiated, it may not be correct to call it amethyst despite similarity in composition. However Pink Amethyst has become the most common name for this item from this area and so it would be more confusing to list it differently.

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