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Snake Skin Jasper (stromatic laminations)

Snakeskin Jasper (stromatic laminations)
Age: Archean (2.5 Billion years ago +/- 3 million)
Location: Weeli Wolli Formation, Hamersley Basin, Western Australia 

The Hamersley Basin is famous for its iron deposits, which occur in the form of banded iron and are very ancient. The banded iron deposits are found in the Mount Bruce supergroup. There are several distinct formations within this group and these represent very different time periods and conditions on Earth.

The Weeli Weeli Formation was laid down during a period of intense local volcanic activity. Banded iron is present in various places within the formation, but the rocks largely consist of mudstones and siltstones, with thin layers of micro banding. These micro bands may be due to seasonal and longer term variations due to solar cycles and the Earth's peridocity.

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