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Spinosaur Tooth (small, 5-6 cm)

Spinosaur tooth
Age: Cretaceous, Cenomanian age (100 - 95 million years ago)
Location: The Kem Kem beds, Morcco

Spinosaurus was a semi aquatic therapod dinosaur. Recent research suggest that they had strong tails adapted for swimming in a fashion similar to that of a modern day crocodile. Spinosaurus also had a large sail like structure along the length of their backs. No one knows exactly what this structure was for, but it may have helped regulate body temperature.

The spinosaurs who owned these teeth swam in a river which was part of a much larger system of rivers which fed out into the long closed Tethys Ocean. They ate fish, and fragments of onchopristus(a type of sawfish) have been found caught in their teeth. They shared the river banks with giant turtles and giant crocodiles and large predatory sauropod dinosaurs. 

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